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Happy 2021!

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

New Years Blessings to you All. I hope that you have had time to be with your most loved ones during this holiday season. To all my families who have supported my business throughout this past year and the pandemic - from the bottom of my heart, thank you. This year has been a challenge for everyone, to say the least. I'm sorry to all those who have been affected in any way during this year, whether it was illness, loss of a loved one or job. I myself, experienced a job loss, but also strengthened my background by becoming licensed in financial services (aka life and health insurance) and secured a full-time, with benefits, work-from-home position where I am able to be home with my kids who are in virtual school at the moment. My get-away, as always, has been my kids and photography, and I have been blessed to have both in my life this year.

This year has taught me that nothing is guaranteed, and that we need to be prepared. In whatever way that may mean for us. For me, I lost my part time employment, as well as a dead stop on my business. As a single mom, I have to admit, it was scary. And times were dark. Unemployment didn't come for many months. But I had to be patient, as I had more than most who were suffering had. Families had lost incomes, yes, but loved ones as well. Serious loss, not monetary. We are all experiencing this differently, and to connect as a whole country again, it would be great for us to realize that and respect each other. I think it's important to realize that we are all in this together.

And so I thank my lucky stars I get to do what i love the most, and that is to capture family memories. I love being there for families who need me during the special times, the fun times, and the hard times. Photography is an element to life that we are blessed to have access to, especially at the touch of a finger. Smart phones are a great way to capture moments in between, but professional photographers will always be there to help with the big moments - the ones you want as family heirlooms -- the best quality museum-grade paper you can print on with a lifetime guarantee!

Life goes on. It begins. It ends. We have the choice to be happy and choose happiness, so why not do it - everyday? Capture the moments in your families' daily lives. Take part of their memories by being present, and taking action while you can. Thank you for letting me into your lives and being there during the most vulnerable times.

I have loved every moment. Every session. Every baptism, wedding, session or newborn session I have been on. All of my clients are wonderful and I treasure you, as you all have been a part of my path. Thank you to those who have been on my journey from the start. I appreciate you!

As we round the corner into the new year, let's take time to breath, realize our blessings and worth, as we all have something to offer. Gather your thoughts and think about what is really important to you this upcoming year. Is it more exercise? More sleep? Less screen time? More time with family? Whatever it is - do it. We are only given today and never promised tomorrow. And, besides, this is always a great year for family portraits :)

Love and Blessing to you All! Cheers to an Unforgettable 2021!!!

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