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What's the Scoop at Gwen Mary Photography??

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

One of my favorite things to do in life, other than to spend time with my kids of course, is to work on my photography business and edit beautifully crafted images for my clients. I absolutely love meeting new people and creating the perfect stage for preserving the moments. I shoot mainly portraits and weddings, as well as web, commercial and real estate. I love shopping for new gear and excelling in my trade! I currently have three new lenses on my wish list and a new backup camera I would love to purchase. Besides photography my life revolves around my kiddos, and our family pet labradoodle, Molly. We have a busy, fun and loud household and I wouldn't change it for the world!

Most of our portrait sessions are taken outdoors, which provides endless backdrops and a broad scope of angles and photo ops. I am still searching for a studio of my own but work out of my home and various studio locations from time to time (Stay tuned to an upcoming 1920's Flapper Session coming up!!). I should mention I am in the Cleveland, OH area and love taking advantage of our Cleveland Metroparks. Our sessions take place all over and include many beaches, fields, woods & waterfalls, bridges and other breathtaking views. Sessions take place year round - with highlights in Spring with our Cherry Blossom Sessions, during Summer months for our Beach Golden Hour Sessions, and Fall Foliage Portraits!

And who can forget NEWBORNS. My favorite if I had to pick a favorite. Yes, they are challenging. And time consuming. And expensive. But OMG are they beautiful!!! And so special. From Fresh 48 Sessions beginning in the hospital, to home newborn sessions taken place in the comfort of your own home, to milestone sessions throughout the first year of life and beyond!

I won't bore you any more about the specifics sessions that my business has to offer, we have that all listed on the web site. What makes writing a blog fun is just the idea of typing and telling a story to your clients, to connect and learn things that you didn't know before! I know that you already know that I love what I do. What can I write about in my first blog post? (Which hopefully btw they will improve over the course of some time!) I think telling my readers my WHY is a good starting point in getting to know one another. Because as we all know, selecting a photographer you can trust and are comfortable with is very important on many levels....

WHY do I love photography? It wasn't until my late twenties that I discovered my passion for photography and taking pictures. I thought about photography in high school but didn't take it very seriously. I knew I wanted to excel in computers but I wasn't sure how. I loved capturing images and thus began my fascination with angles and composition, lighting and photo editing. At that time in my life, I was going through a rough personal time, but at the same time I was finding my way and discovering talents I never knew I had! I love photography for what it is and the platform it presents to us in terms of sharing and preserving moments in time of our loved ones, our homes, our weddings, birthdays and businesses, and so on! But what I really love about it is that it came at a point in my life I needed it the most and provides so much meaning to my life, and it has given me so much more. I have found lifelong friends through my clients, a new sense of self, and a way to support and provide for my children while being in charge of my own schedule (for the most part!). There are sometimes I do work on New Years Day or Memorial Day to name a few, but the families I work with make it all worth it!

I am ending my first blog post since it is time for me to continue editing a commercial session and make dinner for the kids. I look forward to writing more blogs about my adventure over here! Comment below so I know who's there!! Until next time :)

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